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Your Best Guess was a record label from 1996 until 2002.

Scott now maintains the political blog DemWatch.

Toby has a website of writing here and is involved with the operation of the East River Music Project. His blog is called The Scowl.

Other sites we host:

The Outpost ||| My Favorite Citizen ||| YBG Label Site (circa 2002)

Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Rocky Votolato: Rocky Votolato's most recent album is called Suicide Medicine, and it's out on the fine Second Nature label. He spent much of 2004 on the road, including a stint with the Get Up Kids, and one with Washington State's excellent Roy.

Radio Berlin: Radio Berlin's most recent album is Glass, available through Action Driver. Members are also active in Primes (Jack) and The Book of Lists (Chris). Former members of the band can also be heard in the excellent Black Mountain and Blood Meridian.

Lightheavyweight: Singer/guitarist Josh D. now plays in Slender Means; guitarist Tom B. can be heard in The Fitness. Zombie Apolcalypse (TFT vocalist Ronen K's project with members of Shai Hulud) remains active. Ronen also runs the music and activism-related nonprofit Secret Media Group.

Situation at 1200: See the top of the page for Scott's current whereabouts. Guitarist Chris V. is one-half of Grey Sky Productions, who have made videos for the Butchies, My Chemical Romance, Retinsonic, and others.

My Favorite Citizen: Chris G. now makes his living as an illustrator. Drummer Matt H. plays in The Love Scene. Singer/guitarist Damon B. is making music in the San Francisco area. A discography project is in the works.

You & I: The band's complete discography is available on Alone Records. Members also played in The Assistant, among others.

Thanks for reading/listening/everything. Drop us a line if you're so inclined.